"There is a magical quality about Dorene.  It is as if she is able to hold a mirror up so that you may see and recognize your hopes and dreams, path and purpose.  She acts as a catalyst to help you see and achieve your best path and become the best version of yourself.  Dorene is all about empowerment." —Laura J., Commack, NY

"Dorene Bair is the kind of person who changes your life, regardless of how or under what circumstances you become acquainted. I started as her client when I was at L'Oreal and soon called her not only a friend but a guardian angel and a life coach. She always sees the big picture and knows just what to say to put everything into perspective. She is positive, insightful, strategic and has the best heart of anyone I know. I would trust her with my business, my brand, my long-term plans and anything else that matters. She is the secret weapon of many a successful executive and company and I recommend working with her under any and all circumstances."  —Deborah M., NYC, NY

"Dorene has the rare ability for out of the box, imaginative thinking that’s grounded in intense compassion. This combination makes her an incredibly powerful force to have in your life. She’ll motivate original thinking while never losing sight of the heart of the matter. She also has the most amazing gift for story telling, which for me as a listener makes her a favorite companion of mine. And every Dorene story holds a gem of wisdom and insight. This storytelling skill is only rivaled by her ability to listen — again, not a common combo. During a particularly difficult career transition, Dorene’s ability to comprehend my situation and provide sound advise and emotional support was invaluable. Her ability to marry the practical and magical is truly a gift. Bring Dorene into your life and watch the magic happen!"—Georgia G., Dix Hills, NY

"I met Dorene Bair 10 years ago when she was a loaned executive from Meredith Corp. to Johnson and Johnson.  Our paths crossed at a meeting where I was presenting an embryonic initiative to help children learn emotional intelligence skills.  Nervous and naïve, as this was my first experience introducing my concept, I noticed that Dorene stood out from everyone else in the room.  Her encouraging smile, her insightful and compassionate questions, and apparent leadership skills, immediately put me at ease and provided the encouragement and confidence I needed to articulate my vision for children.  Fast forward, Dorene became my mentor, advisor, cheerleader, agent, business developer, and most importantly, my steadfast friend. She has continued to be all the above, and had it not been for her invaluable guidance and expertise, I would not be launching my business in Target next fall." —Denise D., Minneapolis, MN

"Dorene is a petite powerhouse.  Her energy and confidence is infectious.  She helped me to prioritize my goals and break old habits that were hindering my success.  Before working with Dorene my circumstances felt daunting.  She helped me remove the emotion from the situation and take action. Dorene is a great listener. She is empathetic, warm and wise.  I feel blessed to know her."—Tara H., Cold Spring Harbor, NY

"This past year has been a very difficult one for myself and my family. One of my daughters was diagnosed with cancer and we felt as if our whole world had been crushed. However, without the help and support of Dorene we would not be where we are now. I can happily say my daughter is Cancer-Free and is doing very well!! Dorene taught me that there is no negativity allowed and to only be positive! Yes, we were thrown some lemons, but with those lemons we made lemonade! Dorene stood by us every step of the way & was ALWAYS there to support us and give me encouraging words whenever we needed them. There were many days that I felt my positivity falling and one phone call to Dorene (or multiple texts) put me right back on track. She always picked me back up when I felt my world was caving in on me. Dorene is one of the most positive people I know! No matter how bad your situation is, there is always positive to be found and if you can't seem to find it.....Just Ask Dorene.....she will always help!!" — Kerri W., Centerport, NY

"Dorene has been a wonderful mentor and friend to me over the 5+ year period we worked together.  Her role as the Corporate Managing Director of a major media company had her wearing many hats daily.  She was constantly bombarded with requests and complaints both internally and from clients.  She managed it all effectively and with a smile on her face.  She still made time to lend an ear, offer advice and provide the push I needed. Dorene motivated me to branch out in my career and take some risks to get myself to the next level.  I am now in a management role at a digital tech company and have never been happier.  There is no one out there better at offering "tough love" and candor to you when you need it most.  I highly recommend Dorene's services if you find yourself at a personal or professional crossroad.  She'll help you breakthrough the barriers limiting you so you can reach your full potential." — Lori B., NYC

"Just ask Dorene" has become a household expression in my house as common as "pass the salt." Dorene entered our life and brought order.  She dished out many awakenings, made me see sides of my relationships I didn't know existed.  Everything isn't always black and white, thankfully Dorene made me see the grey—and there are many more shades than 50!  Thank you Dorene"— Kathy M, NY 

"Patient, understanding and a great listener…..that is Dorene! She will help you work through your challenges and find your way by leading you with her support, non-judgmental view and positive attitude. She encourages you to think of situations in ways you may never have before. The way she challenges you to think creates a clear path to the solution.I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in improving or enhancing some part of their personal an/or professional lives." —Tracie L., Syosset, NY

"We all have moments in life when we lose our way or, perhaps, we simply want to just to grow and be a better version of ourselves. I am lucky that Dorene has been my North Star throughout 20+ years. Whether you need to borrow a lobster pot with matching service for twelve in the next two hours or you literally need to pull yourself up by the boot-straps during the absolute worst crisis of your life, Just Ask Dorene. I have never met a person more authentically good, selfless or kind—OR INSPIRED. Dorene has the ability to be tough and honest (yes, you may need to take a good, hard look in the mirror), but in a way in which leaves you feeling even stronger and more capable, empowered than ever. I am richer for having her in my life and know countless others who share the same sentiment."
— Jane K., Centerport, NY

"When is comes to giving good advice, "Just Ask Dorene" is my favorite source. Dorene embraces life to the fullest and her positive energy and unique insights have made a measurable difference in my life. I would highly recommend her services. — Allison Z., Riverdale, NY

"Dorene helped me get through a period in my life when I was having a sort of existential crisis. I had just been diagnosed with Lupus and was trying to decide whether I should take the medications that were prescribed or pursue alternative treatments. Dorene helped me work through my feelings about the diagnosis and treatment. She listened to me and asked questions as I described how my body was feeling and explained my reservations in taking the drugs. Her unbiased opinion was refreshing and her ability to be so relatable relaxed me. The support and suggestions Dorene provided was unprecedented; I wouldn't have been able to make an informed decision without her!" — Jackie S, Huntington, NY

"I feel like most people don't come close to seeing the "real" me because sometimes it takes a special person to truly understand who you are at the core. Dorene is the type of person that has that unique ability to not only see you as yourself, but also as you could be at your finest. She has helped me embrace and build my self esteem while encouraging me to forge healthy relationships and maintain strong connections with friends and family. I have been able to set boundaries and be successful in both my personal and professional life. Dorene has immense positivity and a genuine will to inspire those around her to be at their very best. The balance that comes from working with her is priceless." – R.F., Huntington, NY

"WWDD?  This is my deep breath thought when confronting a crisis or encountering an uncomfortable situation—What Would Dorene Do?  Time and time again, I'm so grateful to have Dorene's calming presence and rational sounding board at my disposal. With just one easy phone call or sometimes even just a text, Dorene has the uncanny and natural ability to break down my chaotic, frenetic dilemma and breathe rational and logical reasonableness which allows me to gain fresh perspective and handle the situation. Dorene doesn't just tell me what to do or what the answer is—she knows why, she listens to me, listens to my priorities and values and helps me get through the issue at hand using my principles, my values.  She doesn't just give me a fish and feed me for the day, she shows me how to fish and feeds me for a lifetime." —Jean M., Centerport, NY