Dorene Bair has been described as a modern-day Mary Poppins—positive, engaging and kind, she is sunshine in a bottle. Her coaching style delivers results. She is an expert at guiding her clients to discovering their own path and purpose. Her unique coaching style provides fresh perspective and an objective approach to explore solutions for every problem.

When you work with her, you’ll practice the “power of three,” gratitude, self care and positive thinking. She is known as a Change Agent because she’ll help you clear the blocks of fear—a welcomed change—making room for more of what you want—peace, love and happiness.

Led by her intuition, Dorene uses her inner compass to serve as coach, counsel and confidante for clients, providing guidance at all stages of life's journey. Her true passion is helping people be their best selves. 

How Just Ask Dorene Was Born
Dorene was on the road to being an attorney who loved to sing. However, there was a bigger plan.  The next leg of her journey began as a door opened in media and entertainment. She was an ambassador to America’s largest consumer media brands, Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies' Home Journal, Parents and MORE, together these brands reached over a hundred million women. Here, she learned “never to underestimate the power of a woman.” Trading the courtroom for the boardroom, Dorene used her influence and solution-oriented approach for 20 years to partner and negotiate with Fortune 500 global marketers. 

Continuing to feel the pull to help people, today, Dorene’s journey has taken her full-circle. Facing her own fears, she left Corporate America behind to change the world everyday, one person at a time.

She is the mother of two children, two dogs and the home she shares with her husband is always alive with love, laughter, family and friends. Her favorite quotes to live by include, "Expect great things and great things will happen," and "Because you can."